Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fiction: The Dog and the Garden

The dog,named "Rufus," he lived in a cottage. And he LOVED gardens, so one day, on Wednesday, he went and got seeds. And they were "Cockscomb Seeds". Yeah... Rufus was an Old Farm Dog, he was really a English Sheepdog. They called him a Old Farm Dog, but.. he was really a English Sheepdog. So... he planted his seeds, and went back to his house. Waited a month, or two, and he found that his seeds were ready to grow new ones! He was bursting happy, and surprised! That only 2 months, his seeds grew completely. And he said "Maybe, I can get your new seeds out, and I can plant them!" he said. One day, his friend, Rocky, he came over. He looked at Rufus's garden, and said "I did not know that you had a garden." he said. "I do," said Rufus. "I panted them on Wednesday, September 2011," He said proudly. The End.

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